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Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook Help Team USA Basketball Performance Dominate Nigeria

Team USA made quick work of Tunisia, but the real lopsided victory came with today's game against Nigeria. The final score? 156 to 73 in favor of the United States. It was the sort of ridiculous steamrolling made for Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington Generals and predictions that the U.S. would easily move on now sound like understatements.

In the end, Carmelo Anthony scored 37 points leading 6 Americans in double figures (and another three with 9 points each) to defeat the Nigerian national team to historic degrees. Some quick facts:

*Team USA shot 63 percent from 3-point range. They took 46 shots from that range.
*Team USA forced 24 turnovers.
*Only one player, James Harden shot less than 50 percent from the floor. Only three players shot less than 60 percent from the floor.
*LeBron James only scored 6 points.

Yes, it was that lopsided that the team didn't even go to its best scorers. Up next for Team USA will be a much tougher contest with Lithuania.

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