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VIDEO: James Harden Rides Inflatable Yacht In Foot Locker Commerical

Foot Locker gear is obviously fairly important to whatever NBA players happen to be hanging around Chris Bosh's pool. In a recently released commercial, Bosh is hanging out pool-side when he sees Russel Westbrook floating around in a canoe. When asked why he's doing it, Westbrook says "I just got this new stuff from Foot Locker, I'm obviously not going to get it wet."

At that point, we learn that James Harden is also at the pool with some brand new foot locker gear on.

Of course for James Harden, a canoe isn't enough. Instead he opts for a larger and slightly more hyperbolic solution -- a giant inflatable yacht captained by Kevin Love.

I think the Captain's hat on Love really pulls the whole thing together.

You'd think that all of the players involved could have avoided the whole 'getting your new Foot Locker gear wet' ordeal by not going to the pool in the first place, but that's just semantics.