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Serge Ibaka Could Skip 2016 Rio Olympics

Serge Ibaka got a silver medal from the 2012 London Olympics after losing to the Americans in the Gold Medal game with his native Spain. It seems that Ibaka was none too happy about how he was being used by the Spanish team during its medal run though, as he has reportedly said he might not come to the 2016 Olympics to play for Spain:

Ibaka averaged 15.2 minutes a game for Spain and saw his minutes slide, but that was for a few reasons. First, the simple fact is he is not as good as Marc Gasol or Pau Gasol — not today, not during the Olympics. And certainly not in an international style game where the Gasols have played with the other members of that team for more than a decade.

The Thunder big man had reportedly kept his distance from teammates during their medal run thanks to his disappointment with not being used enough on the team. He recently signed a huge contract extension with the Thunder and looked poised to be a pretty big provider on the aging Spain team come 2016. That might not happen if he decides not the show up after all.

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