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Team USA Basketball: Coach K Almost Apologetic To Nigerians After Historic Beatdown

Team USA was beyond automatic from the arc against Nigeria on Thursday in the 2012 London Olympic Games. The Americans' insane 29 3-pointers led Mike Krzyzewski to sound almost apologetic in the post-game press conference, according to ESPN:

"I've never had a team, at any level, shoot the ball like that," Krzyzewski assured Bakare, sounding almost apologetic as he tried to explain -- again -- what fueled the otherworldy, record-setting display of precision from the perimeter that Carmelo Anthony and the rest of Team USA had just inflicted.

"I would just flush it," Krzyzewski said, counseling his Nigerian rival that there's no point spending any significant time dwelling on what went wrong on one crazy night against a team of NBA All-Stars that almost literally could not miss.

While Team USA is an overwhelming favorite win gold and the early competition has been less than even sub-standard, the numbers put up against Nigeria were insane - part of the 156 points the Americans scored came from Carmello Anthony's record Team USA high 37, which came in just 14 minutes on the floor.

Still, it's hard to blame Coach K for feeling sheepish after such an onslaught. While basketball is certainly a world sport and growing in popularity across foreign markets year by year, the disparity of talent is still overwhelming:

"You have to take a shot every 24 seconds," Krzyzewski said, "and the shots we took happened to be hit."

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