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Oklahoma City Thunder Looked At Pittsburgh's Gary McGhee Before Signing Hasheem Thabeet

The Oklahoma City Thunder did not need to make many moves this offseason. That much should be clear not only from the team's 2012 NBA Finals appearance, but also the fact that four of their five starters are major players in the 2012 London Olympics. That said, there were a few holes to fill deep on the roster.

A big man was part of the checklist for Sam Presti as the team decided to move on from Nazr Mohamed in the middle. While the team ultimately went with raw center Hasheem Thabeet, the former No. 2 choice in the draft, the team also took a look at former Pittsburgh center Gary McGhee.

McGhee was part of the team's summer league squad in Orlando, but by then, the team had already signed Thabeet. McGhee also tried to hook on with the Los Angeles Clippers, but that also didn't work after a stint in the Las Vegas summer league.

"I finished off strong (in Orlando) and played pretty solid in Vegas," McGhee told the Anderson Herald-Tribune. "I got some good reviews. The scouts and coaches told me that I did well in pick-and-roll offense and one-on-one defense and my help-side defense needs to improve. I shot my free throws well in Orlando. But when I got to Vegas, I didn't shoot them well at all."

Now McGhee will go to Europe for another season in the hopes of eventually making his NBA dreams a reality.

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