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Team USA Basketball Praised By Magic Johnson, Mocked By Charles Barkley

One day after Team USA men's basketball dominated the Nigerian national team at a historic level, which included a record 156 point total, members of previous incarnations of the roster came out to discuss the win. For some, it was a national cause to trumpet. For others, or at least Charles Barkley, it was a chance to throw out another sarcastic quip about the current team.

Every four years, there are more and more debates about the current team versus the '92 version which featured Barkley, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and others. Barkley is one of the main players who won't let the comparisons fade.

"That's probably how many points they'd beat the '92 team by ... if we played today," noted Barkley after the Team USA win over Nigeria.

His teammate Magic Johnson had a much different take. "I want to congratulate the guys on their continued dominance in London. This is starting to look a lot like our 1992 Dream Team. I look forward to watching them continue to drive for that gold medal and bring it home for the USA."

However, the Americans seem unphased by any comments made from players from 20 years ago.

"We respect those guys and we understand what those guys did. We understand the standards that those guys set," said Carmelo Anthony. "But we're playing for ourselves right now, for our country, for this moment. We're not out there on the basketball court making plays and making shots and playing defense and saying, 'This is (like) the '92 Dream Team.' Those guys did what they did in 1992 and now we have the chance to do something special."

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