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Team USA Basketball: First Place Is On The Line Against Argentina

The final game in pool play for Team USA basketball is against rival Argentina with first place on the line. The United States needs to move on from their slim win over Lithuania in their last game. With the history between these two teams the United States is not taking them lightly and is not looking to lose:

"We don't come here to lose,'' LeBron James said Sunday. "We come here to play at a high level and continue to get better. We don't have time to waste and say, 'OK, well, since we have the tiebreaker and all that, we can just go out and just lollygag.' We have the opportunity to get better tomorrow and we're going to do that.''

Team USA has not technically won their group, but there is a chance that they could not win the group -- but is a long shot. Winning against Argentina is the simple way to clinch their group, but if Argentina can defeat the United States then things get interesting. If that happens then the United States and Argentina are tied with nine points.

However, France also comes into play in deciding who wins the group. They play Nigeria and should win that game, and if that happens then they also will have nine points to create a three-way tie for first place. If there is a three-way tie the United States would win the group due to point differential, France would place second and Argentina being third.

The only way that Team USA does not win the group is they lose to Argentina, and France somehow falls to Nigeria then that result would allow Argentina to win the group.

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