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Team USA Vs. Australia: Patrick Mills, Joe Ingles Main Scoring Threats For Aussies

As Team USA gets ready for their quarterfinal showdown on Wednesday against Australia, the roster for the Aussies isn't exactly loaded with recognizable NBA talent. The 2012 London Olympics is definitely supposed to be dominated by the Americans, but most other contenders also include a number of NBA players. Argentina is loaded, as is Brazil, and Lithuania even had a number of faces that basketball fans would know. But Australia? Well, that's not happening.

However, the Aussies are 3-2 in group play and won three straight before hitting a roadblock with Spain and Brazil in their last two games. There's plenty of scoring talent here for the U.S. to take them seriously, and that begins with Patrick Mills, who is averaging over 20 points and 4 rebounds per game. Mills averaged 10 points per game this year with the Spurs and is one of the more underrated players in international play.

Watch for Joe Ingles to also make an impact, as he's currently averaging over 14 per game in Olympic play.

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