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Kevin Durant Anchors Team USA With Dominating Scoring Performance

Kevin Durant was five feet behind three point line and he launched the shot. The funny thing is: no one even flinched when he did so.

The United States went up for good against Argentina in the third quarter of their latest game on Monday evening and it was clear that it was Durant who was leading the charge. Team USA was on a 42-17 run after halftime, and Durant hit 8 of 10 three-pointers, helping the team move toward a 5-0 record heading into the quarterfinals where the U.S. will meet Australia.

It was the sort of night that had everyone both shaking their heads at the surprise of it all yet feeling a familiarity of having seen it happen before. Durant does that to a basketball fan -- displaying his talent night after night yet always encapsulating it with a sense of awe. Royce Young of the Daily Thunder says it best.

"It was one of those stretches we've all seen before," writes Young. "He hit one, then he hit another. And when he hit a third on a quick catch-and-shoot, you knew it was on. KD was heating up and when KD heats up, you can't stop him. He drilled a fourth 3 and as soon as Carmelo Anthony cleared a rebound, you knew exactly where Deron Williams was going with the ball. And it didn't matter where KD was going to be when he got it. That thing was going up. And more importantly, it was going in."

Durant finished the night with 28 points for Team USA.

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