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New Children's Book Released: 'Mommy, What's A Seattle Supersonic?'

Ever since the Seattle SuperSonics left town to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, there has been a bit of general bitterness from the Northwest about it. Anger isn't an unusual reaction when your favorite team moves across the country, especially when the circumstances were as bad as the ones surrounding the SuperSonics move.

This may be the first time a children's book has been produced because of a sports team's move to another city, though. A book called 'Mommy, What's A Seattle Supersonic?' has been released, detailing the life and times of Seattle's ill-fated basketball franchise.

The book is 32 pages long and details the history of the SuperSonics from their humble beginnings to their championship in 1979 and beyond. Unfortunately, that includes their move in 2008 to Oklahoma City. Watching the team blossom into a legitimate yearly contender for the NBA title every year since they moved probably hasn't helped matters.

You can download "Mommy, What's A Seattle SuperSonic" on iTunes here.

Look forward to such titles as "Mommy, What's A Montreal Expo?" and "Mommy, What's A Hartford Whaler?" next summer.