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Kevin Durant's 'Thunderstruck' coming to DVD, Blu-Ray

"Thunderstruck," starring Kevin Durant, will be released on DVD on Dec. 4.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Kevin Durant didn't just have a busy offseason because of his work with the US Men's National Team at the Olympics and his work with the Oklahoma City Thunder, pushing himself and the team on their way to another strong season after finishing second place in the NBA in 2012. The Thunder superstar also decided to throw in a bit of acting on the side, in the vein of Michael Jordan in Space Jam or Shaq in Shazam. (Hopefully his movie is more like the former than the latter.)

Durant helped to film a feature-length movie called "Thunderstruck," directed by John Whitesell. In the film, he stars as himself and gets his basketball talents swapped with those of an less than stellar high-school player.

Now, the movie has finally gotten a release date. It will be distributed via DVD online and in stores all over the country on Dec. 4, according to NewsOK. The DVD will have plenty of special features, including a commentary.