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Oklahoma City Thunder start training camp on Monday

The Oklahoma City Thunder start training camp on Monday. Most of their players dedicated the offseason to getting prepared for it.

Mark D. Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Oklahoma City Thunder will start training camp on Monday, with the team's top four players returning with valuable experience gained from playing in the Olympics during the offseason.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden honed their craft playing for the United States, while Serge Ibaka competed for the Spanish team. All four players had the opportunity to maintain a routine workout schedule, which should help heading into the upcoming season, as Ibaka told Thunder basketball writer Nick Gallo:

"It was a great experience for me being in the Olympics. I think I learned a lot and it was very fun. Right now I'm looking forward to start working for my team the Oklahoma City Thunder for next season to try to get better."

Guys who didn't play for Olympic teams found their own ways to prepare for training camp. Veteran Nick Collison, for example, stayed in shape by playing in organized five-on-five games with fellow NBA players such as Jamal Crawford, Brandon Roy and Spencer Hawes.

In conjunction with the start of camp on Monday, the Thunder will also hold Media Day. A live stream will be shown at 1 p.m. CT here.