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Raiders vs. Chiefs: Dennis Allen discusses Week 8 match-up

Raiders head coach Dennis Allen discusses playing at Arrowhead, game planning for Chiefs' offense.

Jason O. Watson

The Oakland Raiders head in to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Kansas City Chiefs and while their head coach Dennis Allen is new to the Raiders this season, this isn't his first time having to game plan for Jamaal Charles and the rest of the Chiefs' offense. Allen, who was Broncos' defensive coordinator last year, talked Thursday about the challenge of playing in the atmosphere the fans at Arrowhead create:

"I think it's a great environment to play in. It's a tough arena. They've traditionally played very well there. I look forward to going there and playing at their place because I think it's a good environment for football."

Allen also discussed the need for the Raiders to clean up their recent rise of penalties, especially the pre-snap penalties. That could prove difficult given how noisy Arrowhead can get.

When asked whether facing the Chiefs twice last year as Broncos' defensive coordinator, Allen said that hasn't helped game plan much because offensive coordinator Brian Dabol's schemes are different from Bill Muir, the Chiefs' previous offensive coordinator. Kickoff is set for Sunday at 3:05 p.m. CT.