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Tamba Hali: Ray Rice 'talks a lot of trash'

The Chiefs defensive end claims that Ravens running back Ray Rice lets loose with more trash talk than most players on the offensive side of the ball.

Tom Szczerbowski - Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali turned some heads this week when he claimed that Ravens running back Ray Rice was a trash talker, according to Ryan Mink of

Hali said the star running back has made games against the Ravens more interesting for the Chiefs defense given the inordinate amount of trash talking the defense receives from Rice.

"A couple of years we've played him, Ray's talked a lot of trash," Hali said with a laugh. "I don't know if it gets him going or it's something about him. ... It's good, though. It's not dirty trash, it's good trash. He's a good player, and some guys are motivated doing that."

Hali then made a very interesting comparison.

"Usually running backs are quiet and get their job done, but he's one of those guys – he's a mouthful," Hali said. "Philip Rivers talks a lot of trash. Maybe I would compare him to Philip Rivers."

Rice would respond by saying that the only time he remembers talking trash against the Chiefs was in last season's playoff game, when a player no longer on the team was apparently utilizing dirty tactics.

The Baltimore Ravens travel to Kansas City this Sunday, with kickoff set for noon CT.