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Chad Ochocinco Making Way To Kansas City For Sporting KC Soccer Tryout

A Pro Bowl receiver is on his way to Kansas City -- but it's not for the Chiefs. As announced last week. Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco is trying out with Sporting Kansas City this week. The team confirmed the news last week in a press release.

Ochocinco also said via Twitter that he's making his way to Kansas City on Tuesday:

I really enjoyed my short visit to INDIANAPOLIS,great time with the fans last and shopping this a.m. Kansas City see yall tonight :)

And another tweet he sent to @SportingKC on Twitter;

extremely nervous about tomorrows trial but anxious to meet the players and compete against some of the worlds best

The tryout is reportedly closed to the public so that's one way Sporting KC is trying to prove it isn't a publicity stunt. They'll play on Saturday which gives Ochocinco the rest of the week to show the team what he has.

It'll be very interesting to see how Sporting KC handles this. Part of me wants them to say, 'No, thanks' and move on instead of turning this into a major publicity stunt. Another part of me is curious how he would do. Ochocinco, like many NFL players, is quite the athlete so I'm curious if he can make the transition.

We'll be eager to hear how his first day goes.

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