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What Will Chad Ochocinco's Tryout With Sporting KC Include?

Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco is making the leap to soccer by trying out Sporting KC on Wednesday. The NFL is locked out meaning Ochocinco technically isn't under contract, a contract that would usually prevent him from playing soccer.

So he's in Kansas City and the tryout will be closed to the public. But what will he be doing? Here's what the KC Star said about a typical Sporting KC Wednesday workout:

A typical outdoor training session under coach Peter Vermes includes light running, group stretching, touch-passing drills and half-field coaching sessions. Wednesdays often can include a highly-controlled 11-on-11 full-field scrimmage. The sessions often end with small groups working on shooting, passing and defending.

Maybe they have special plans for Ochocinco but they've said he'll be treated like any other tryout (except for what will undoubtedly be a line of cameras at the entrance to practice).

We'll see what kind of updates we get from Sporting KC on how everything went because I'm eager to hear what they have to say. Was this clearly a publicity stunt? Does Ochocinco actually have game?