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Watch Chad Ochocinco Practice With Sporting Kansas City

You gotta hand it to Sporting Kansas City. They know how to market themselves and give the fans what they want. That includes airing Chad Ochocinco's workout with the Cincinnati Bengals live on Indeed, the stream is going and, as of this posting, there are well over 1,000 people watching.

In addition to that, you need an email to sign-up which probably means they're growing their email database. Smart move.

Ochocinco is trying out with Sporting Kansas City this week while the NFL lockout is on. Because of that lockout, Ochocinco can do things like play soccer. It'll be interesting to see how folks react to this try out and, even more than that, if he actually makes the team.

Even if he doesn't make it, Sporting KC coach Peter Vermes says (via it may good for soccer.

"I think it'll say something about our sport if he can't make it," Vermes said. "If that's the way it goes, and I'm not predicting anything, I'm keeping an open mind, but if it didn't go his way then sure, people will look at our sport and realize it's not easy to play."

Here's a photo of Ochocinco, many of which you can view from @SportingKC.