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Chad Ochocinco, Sporting Kansas City Decision Coming

What's Chad Ochocinco's next move? The Cincinnati Bengals WR and new tryout player for Sporting Kansas City could be moving on his way and ending the soccer experiment -- or he could be staying. That's up to coach Peter Vermes but, according to various reports, Ochocinco struggled in a practice game on Monday.

Specifically, his conditioning wasn't quite up to snuff nor were his soccer skills, which he spent all week attempting to refine. Here's what Vermes said, per the Star:

"As I said before, it's a long shot for him to make our roster," said Vermes, who is expected to sit down with Ochocinco this morning. "That remains (the case)."

So it sounds like a decision will be coming soon -- either he stays or goes.

But Ochocinco is trying. Though the publicity is there, this isn't solely a publicity stunt. He's working with the coaches, receiving instruction and staying in Kansas City as he works through it. His career clearly isn't in soccer but, in some ways, you gotta respect the guy for trying.

So we'll see what the final decision is for Ochocinco. If Sporting KC can keep him in a reserve role, even as a practice player....why not?