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NBA Power Rankings: Heat, Spurs Dominate

The Heat and Spurs continue their winning ways while the 76ers tumble down.

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1- Miami Heat (25-7) The Heat are long, athletic and motivated. They have been so consistent that it is bordering on boring. That must be why LeBron James needed to spice things up with his Cleveland comments.

2- San Antonio Spurs (22-9) The Spurs should just go ahead and change their name to the San Antonio Ninjas. All they do is murk teams left and right and quietly leave them on the side of the road. Your sensei must be very proud of you.

3- Oklahoma City Thunder (24-7) The Durantula had a performance for the ages against the Nuggets on Sunday night. We shouldn’t really be that surprised at the greatness of KD. I mean when you have 8 arms and legs you should be a freak NBA scorer.

4- Chicago Bulls (25-8) The Bulls are still able to stay afloat while Derrick Rose deals with his Backiotomy. Am I the only who thinks the Bull are not as much fun to watch when you know there is no chance of seeing D-Rose play? It is like watching Spin City after Michael J. Fox left and Charlie Sheen took over.

5- Los Angeles Clippers (19-10) Lob City was one brain fart away from ending the Spurs win streak. This team has not missed a beat since the loss of Chauncey Billups.

6- Dallas Mavericks (20-12) Mavs got caught in the middle of the Linsanity storm on Sunday. They also beat the Clippers, Nuggets, and had a comeback win on the road to the Sixers. Dirk is starting to get into one of those "dominate" zones.

7- Orlando Magic (20-12) They handled 2 decent teams (Timberwolves & Bucks) and one really good team (Sixers) at home this past week. They were never really in the game vs. the Heat. But in their defense, the Heat do that to a lot of teams.

8- Philadelphia 76ers (20-12) The boys from the city of brotherly love are in desperate need of some right now. They looked in control in the first half vs. the Mavs then the wheels came off as they scored only 24 points in the second half. Dirk Nowitzki matched the Sixers total in the second half. I think the Sixers need to take a personal day to clear their collective minds. I hear Kitten Mittens are a great way to cheer you up.

9- Los Angeles Lakers (18-10) They just keep hanging around and winning games. The Lakers are the Survivor of the NBA. You look up one day and find yourself saying, "That show/team is still hanging around?" Pau Gasol is in need of a life coach and I vote that he hires Sterling Archer.

10- New York Knicks (16-16) One loss and one bad game did not kill the Jeremy Lin story. People get sick of the constant talk about Lin and the Knicks but I am interested to see what happens to this team once Carmelo Anthony comes back from injury.

Player of the Week:

Tony Parker PG San Antonio Spurs

Best player on the hottest team in the association. This past week he put up 26 pts, 3 reb, and 10 ast. Ladies, he is single.

Best Game of the Week:

Knicks at Heat (Thursday 6:00 pm CST on TNT):

Super Lintendo clashes with the Heatles.

Worst Game of the Week:

Hornets at Cavs (Wednesday 6pm CST):

The only bright spot of this game is Kyrie Irving is showing that he is the truth.