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NBA Fast Break Power Rankings: Bulls, Thunder Pull Away From Rest Of Pack

This week's NBA Fast Break Power Rankings see some surprising teams making their debuts in the rankings.

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Here is a look at this week's Fast Break Power Rankings

1- Chicago Bulls (12-2) Not only were the Bulls undefeated this past week but they dominated and demoralized their opponents. Even when reigning league MVP Derrick Rose misses a game they can plug in John Lucas and have him drop 25. This team is deep and playing the best defense in the NBA.

2- Oklahoma City Thunder (11-2) For the second week in a row the Thunder holds down "play the bridesmaid" in the Fast Break rankings. They just keep plugging along and winning games. James Harden is turning into a superstar before our eyes.

3- Philadelphia 76ers (9-3) Let’s all welcome the newcomers to the list. ‘Sixers have been playing well and under the radar. I worry about their staying power simply because of that loss to the Knicks.

4- Indiana Pacers (9-3) Another team making their debut in the rankings. Put the Pacers in the same group as the 76s – playing well and flying low under the radar. Call them Thunder-Lite.

5- Miami Heat (8-4) A week ago the Heat were flying high and looking down on everyone else in the rankings. My, how things have changed. Three straight losses followed by the loss of Dwyane Wade will knock you down a few pegs.

Player of the Week: Kobe Bryant, SG Lakers

Dropping 40 in 4 straight games will land you on this list. We will go ahead and ignore (for now) that while scoring 40+ his team struggled to put away the Jazz and Cavs and lost to in-building rival Clippers. Kobe looks to be on a mission to surpass Michael Jordan on the scoring list this season.

Best Game of the Week:

‘Sixers at Heat (Saturday): I know the general consensus is that either Lakers at Heat or Magic at Lakers should take this spot but I disagree. Those games have all the hype but are just two intra-conference match-ups that do not have any long-term ramifications. The ‘Sixers are going against one of the elite teams in the league that just happened to knock them out of the playoffs last season. Now that is a game I can get behind.

Worst Game Of The Week:

Warriors at Nets (Wednesday): The Mark Jackson Warriors are just like last year’s team. Except they kind of play defense but not really and are no fun to watch on offense. There is a good chance that Steph Curry will miss this game because of his ankle injury. At least there are really good odds he will hurt it again. I think he might want to look into that Weapon X Project so he can get an adamantium ankle. I mean, it worked out pretty well for Wolverine.