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NBA Power Rankings: Thunder, Bulls Claim Permanent Residency At Top

Bulls and Thunder continue their dominate ways. The Nuggets impress with their road warrior ways.

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1- Chicago Bulls (15-3) Bulls lose Derrick Rose for the week and they go 3-1 in those four games. The Bulls keep the top spot for another week. The Heat get more of the headlines and I think the Bulls are fine having it be that way. Let’s hope that D-Rose makes his way back to the court by Sunday afternoon.

2- Oklahoma City Thunder (13-3) After last Monday, when the Bulls lost and the Thunder manhandled the Celtics the Thunder appeared to be a shoe-in for the top spot in our Power Rankings. Then they had to go and lose to the worst team in the NBA. Best thing to happen to the Thunder all week was the contract extension for Russell Westbrook. Thunder fans should get used to being at the top for a while.

3- Denver Nuggets (12-5) The Nuggets make their first appearance in the rankings thanks to going undefeated in their 4-game road trip. I have doubts about the Nuggets’ staying power. Especially after they followed up the win vs. the Heat with a home loss to the Jazz. The OT wins vs. the Sixers and Knicks make me feel a little better about them moving forward.

4- Miami Heat (11-5) No Dwyane Wade, no problem for the Heat. Let’s recap the week for the boys from South Beach. LeBron James goes all H*A*M on the Spurs to erase a double-digit deficit. They completely embarrassed the Lakers with the eyes of the nation watching. Then they put the Sixers in their place to boot. Compared to them I completely wasted this past week. The Sunday loss to the Bucks is worrisome but not enough to freak out over.

5- Philadelphia 76ers (11-5) Things could have gone better for the Sixers this week. 2-2 with a loss to one of the elite teams in the East is a wet blanket on their fun. This is a team that is on the climb and will be a force for the rest of the season. The wins against the elite Eastern Conference teams will come in due time.

Player of the Week: LeBron James, SF Heat

Did you see the game vs. the Spurs? LBJ is playing like a man possessed. He is averaging 30 pts, 8.7 rbs, 7 ast, 2.2 stl, and 1.5 blk over his last 4 games. LeBron has no issue picking up the slack for the sidelined D-Wade.

Best Game of the Week:

Bulls at Heat (Sunday ABC 2:30pm CST): This is a rematch of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals. I know the Bulls will be jacked out of their minds for this game. I am just hoping both D-Rose and D-Wade are back for this one.

Worst Game Of The Week:

Bobcats at Wizards (Wednesday): The only saving grace for this game is that John Wall has begun to play inspired, out of his mind basketball over the past week. He is one of the quickest players I have seen with the ball in his hands. I put him #3 behind Derrick Rose and LeBron James.