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Kevin Durant's New Career? Thunder Star To Make Acting Debut

While several NBA stars explored overseas playing opportunities during the NBA lockout, Oklahoma City Thunder F Kevin Durant decided to stay at home while he and his NBA player brethren awaited the completion of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Most of Durant's time was spent doing what he loves and does best -- playing basketball -- but he found time for a new project to undertake, and one that he initially met with hesitation -- acting.

Durant will debut on the Hollywood big screen in a movie entitled, "Thunderstruck," which casts Nickelodeon star Taylor Gray as an untalented high school basketball player wishing he had the skills of the Durant.

Durant and Gray cross paths in the Thunder's home arena (where more filming recently took place), and when Gray tells Durant about his wish to have Durant's talent, the two trade places and Durant finds himself with scarce basketball ability.

As for how Durant fared in his debut acting role? He had this to say, "I really didn't know what `nailed it' was. People told me I did a good job but they could just be blowing smoke. I didn't know what was going on. People said I did good, so I guess I'll take their word.''

Sounds like the typically successful-yet-humble Durant NBA fans have grown to love.

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